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Test driving new online marketing platforms

The world of social media platforms is constantly evolving. Platforms seem to go from obscurity to being used by major corporations in a matter of weeks, if not days. The catch? Not all of those platforms are good for every organization. Sure, you don’t want to be left behind when one takes off. But you also don’t want to waste time and money on a platform that isn’t going to help. To help you figure that out, here’s a guide for test-driving these online marketing platforms to see if they’re a fit.

SEO with YouTube transcriptions

If you’ve ever clicked the “CC” icon at the bottom of a YouTube video window, you know that YouTube automatically generates subtitles for closed captioning. But did you know that you can optimize them for search?

Top email clients in 2015

November 10, 2015 by

Top email clients in 2015

If you weren’t aware, we here at T&S use MailChimp for our email newsletter, and the email newsletters of our clients. Typically, we recommend that people focus on two email statistics: Opens and Clicks for individual campaigns. However, you can draw some interesting conclusions if you look at the email clients your subscribers are using. Fortunately, MailChimp makes that data super easy to access! Let’s take a look at…

How to use Instagram for business

For a lot of people, the value of Instagram isn’t as immediately clear as platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re thinking of something like selfie photos, that’s not surprising. But when used the right way, Instagram is an effective way of reaching your audience where they’re at every day, sharing and viewing photos. So how are organizations using Instagram for business purposes?

5 annoying YouTube habits

Like many YouTube watchers, I’m always on the lookout for both laughs and information. I want to watch videos on beauty, organization and mom stuff. But sometimes YouTube channel owners make it really difficult for me to do that. Here are some YouTube habits you and your organization should avoid.

How to pick your blog topic

If you need help coming up with blogging topics, there are plenty of options. You can use Google Analytics, free blogging topic ebooks, or many other resources. But once you finish a brainstorming session and have a list of blog topics, how do you narrow that list down? How do you decide what’s worth blogging…

Case Study: Sandler Training of Oklahoma

In many ways, the story is familiar. Mike Crandall, the owner of Sandler Training of Oklahoma, was trying to be a one man army when it came to his company’s digital presence. He struggled to manage all of the company’s social media accounts, newsletter and blog. Things weren’t going well. Sound familiar? Let’s look at…

Choosing your name online

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to consistency across the web. If somebody searches for you on Twitter using your domain name, but your Twitter handle is different, your company’s Twitter feed might not show up. The same goes for platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Without a consistent name across all…

How to write better LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool, as long as it’s a good fit for you or your organization. They’ve positioned themselves as a publishing platform, and you can use that to demonstrate your expertise to LinkedIn members. According to LinkedIn, they analyze the content of your article to show it to the appropriate audience. There’s also a good chance your connections and any others who have followed you will see it. So it’s an opportunity to make a good impression. If you’re willing to put in the time, here are six tips for putting your best foot forward with LinkedIn long-form posts.

How to build your social media recipe

Frustrated with the effectiveness of your organization’s social media presence? I’m going to share with you the method we use at T&S for both ourselves and our clients to determine the right recipe for social media.