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24 LinkedIn background images

In June 2014, LinkedIn introduced background images on the profiles of their Premium members. Since then, they have decided to open up this feature to all members. Because LinkedIn is meant for your online professional presence, it’s important to make sure that your profile looks as good as possible.

MailChimp campaign analytics simplified

One of the things we love about MailChimp is how easy their analytics are to understand. That said, sometimes it isn’t obvious how to actually make use of the information. Let’s take a look at a three campaign analytics that are easy to understand, and some ways you can use them.

Creating your MailChimp Campaign

When you first sign up for MailChimp, you set up your account, create your list, and create a template. Those are typically all one-time activities. So once those are done, it’s time to start creating Campaigns.

Creating your MailChimp template

We love anything that makes our clients’ lives easier. A couple years back, MailChimp rolled out their drag-and-drop template creator. This has been great for both us and our clients, because creating a MailChimp template is even easier than it ever was before. You’ve seen in our last two blogs how to create your MailChimp account, and create your first list. Now that you have those taken care of, it’s time to use that awesome drag-and-drop interface.

Creating your MailChimp list

MailChimp is a great option if you’re looking to create an email newsletter. In fact, they’re our recommended provider because our clients find them easy to use. Last time we talked about creating your MailChimp account. The next step is to make your List.

Creating your MailChimp account

MailChimp is our recommended service provider for email newsletters. They have an easy-to-use interface, great tracking and analytics, and can help keep your email database organized with their bounce tracking and list cleaning. Plus, getting started with MailChimp is simple, quick, and free. So let’s take a look at how to get started by creating your MailChimp account.

Online marketing book and consultation giveaway

When talking to people about utilizing blogs and social media for their business or nonprofit, I frequently hear, “I know I should be doing it, but have no clue what I’d write about.” If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

Online photo sharing platforms

It can be difficult to determine where you should display your photos online. A good first step is to review the different options that are out there. While this is certainly not a complete list, here are some of the more popular places to display and share your photos online.

Determining the best online photo sharing location

Many organizations have a need to display photos online. It may be for products, services, events, staff, their location, or something else entirely. In years past, it was fairly obvious where those photos went: On their website. But now that social media is an option, including some websites that revolve around photo sharing, the water seems a bit muddied. So how do you determine where your photos should go online?

15 awesome mobile websites

Pretty much everyone uses their phone to surf the internet, check business hours, get directions, and so much more. In fact, more people now have a mobile device than have a desktop computer. So having a website that is optimized for viewing on a phone is crucial in today’s world. Really, it’s expected, and people…