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How to identify your target online audience

Having an online audience is key to your marketing being effective. But before you can begin thinking about how to grow it, you need to figure out who is in that audience. Who would be interested in your services? Or in supporting you and your business? Let’s take a look at how to identify your online audience.

Should you invest time in LinkedIn?

If you’ve ever talked to an expert on a specific online marketing tool, they frequently tell you that you’re not spending enough time with it. But in reality, every tool and every platform isn’t right for everyone. While LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, it’s not the best fit for everybody. Let’s look at how you can tell if you should invest time in the popular social media site.

The insider’s guide to domain names

Whether you’ve never had a website or have had one for years, you may benefit from some guidance on domain names. You may be fine with the one you have, or you may need some guidance in picking a new domain name. This quick insider’s guide will help you make sure you have the best domain name for your organization.

6 signs your web designer stinks!

Picking a web design company can feel like an overwhelming task. You may have a lot riding on your investment. Without technical and marketing expertise, it can be difficult to know whether you’re making a good choice. Here are six warning signs you may be picking the wrong web designer.

24 Facebook cover photo examples

For small organizations, it’s easy to put up a Facebook cover photo, then forget about it while it get stale. However, changing it out from time to time can help get additional attention to your organization. But what should you change it to? Let’s take a look at examples from 24 different companies and brands, grouped by strategies.

How to start using online marketing statistics

Online statistics can be overwhelming! Many things can be measured when it comes to your website, Facebook page, email newsletter, or any other number of services. You may have a vague idea of what you need to be looking at, or you may not. You’re not alone! You need to start by setting an online marketing goal that ties directly back to a business need. Then, you can establish relevant benchmarks to measure that show progress toward that goal. So what does that look like?

24 LinkedIn background images

In June 2014, LinkedIn introduced background images on the profiles of their Premium members. Since then, they have decided to open up this feature to all members. Because LinkedIn is meant for your online professional presence, it’s important to make sure that your profile looks as good as possible.

MailChimp campaign analytics simplified

One of the things we love about MailChimp is how easy their analytics are to understand. That said, sometimes it isn’t obvious how to actually make use of the information. Let’s take a look at a three campaign analytics that are easy to understand, and some ways you can use them.

Creating your MailChimp Campaign

When you first sign up for MailChimp, you set up your account, create your list, and create a template. Those are typically all one-time activities. So once those are done, it’s time to start creating Campaigns.

Creating your MailChimp template

We love anything that makes our clients’ lives easier. A couple years back, MailChimp rolled out their drag-and-drop template creator. This has been great for both us and our clients, because creating a MailChimp template is even easier than it ever was before. You’ve seen in our last two blogs how to create your MailChimp account, and create your first list. Now that you have those taken care of, it’s time to use that awesome drag-and-drop interface.