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27 more LinkedIn background images

Haven’t uploaded a background image to your personal LinkedIn profile? Well, you’re in luck! We have a brand new batch of background images that may be the perfect fit for your profile.

Does your website need hero images?

There’s definitely something to be said for clean, simple website design. However, you should consider making sure each page of your website has a hero image. So what is a hero image, and why might each page of your website need one?

How to make your website social

If you’re like many others, your website was created several years ago. And now you may have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and others. So how can you integrate your social efforts into your website?

Make website action easy

Do you know what the primary goal for your website is? What action do you want visitors to do? Not everyone knows the answer to those questions. But even if you do know the answer, ask yourself this: How easy is it for people to take that action?

How to grow your email list

For many organizations, an email newsletter makes a lot of sense. It means people have invited you into their inbox. And as long as you provide value, they’ll usually let you market to them as well. So how do you build and grow your email list?

How to get targeted Twitter followers

In general, the more active you are on Twitter, the more followers you’ll be able to get regardless of the specific tactic used. Time and consistent tweeting can net you thousands of Twitter followers, however, a lot of those won’t be in your target market. So how can you get targeted Twitter followers?

How to build your Facebook audience

Even though Facebook is limiting how much of your audience sees any given message, it’s often still the best choice for an organization to reach their target market. Many online marketers say that Facebook is a must for every organization, although I don’t think I would go that far. The single quickest way to build your audience on Facebook is simple.

How to get LinkedIn Company Page followers

One of the advantages of having your own online audience online is the fact that they’ve essentially asked you to stay in communication with them. But where traditional advertising like print ads let you use their audience, with online marketing you have to build your own audience. Here’s a very specific tactic we’ve seen work on LinkedIn Company Pages.

How to identify your target online audience

Having an online audience is key to your marketing being effective. But before you can begin thinking about how to grow it, you need to figure out who is in that audience. Who would be interested in your services? Or in supporting you and your business? Let’s take a look at how to identify your online audience.

Should you invest time in LinkedIn?

If you’ve ever talked to an expert on a specific online marketing tool, they frequently tell you that you’re not spending enough time with it. But in reality, every tool and every platform isn’t right for everyone. While LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, it’s not the best fit for everybody. Let’s look at how you can tell if you should invest time in the popular social media site.