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The risk with social media brand inconsistency

Inconsistent branding across social media platforms can cause people to become confused, lose trust, and even wonder if they’ve found the right organization (or not). That means you need to be intentional about the image your organization presents online. Let’s look at some ways to make your social media branding consistent across all the platforms you use.

How to get more business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a hidden gem for people who want to grow their sales / business. There is a universal truth in business – people do business with people they know, like, trust, and value. LinkedIn, used properly, allows you to find prospects more quickly and shorten sales cycles greatly by using this mindset.
Let’s look at a specific method of using LinkedIn to get more business.

4 quick email newsletter improvements

You’ve done it. You’ve been hearing forever that email newsletters are great, and you’ve finally sent out your first email newsletter. Or maybe you’ve been sending it out for months now, and you’d like to make some improvements. Or, let’s face it, you may hate your own email newsletter. Whatever the case, let’s take a look at four ways you can quickly improve your email newsletter.

Quit clowning around on social media

Too often, people are put in charge of their organization’s social media just because they use it on a personal basis. That can be dangerous! Clowning around is fine for personal use, but not for your organization’s social media management.

9 tips for a super email newsletter

An email newsletter is a great way to keep in contact with existing and potential clients on a regular basis. But, with all of the options available, it can be hard to figure out what your newsletter should look like, what content should be in your newsletter, or even where to get started. Here are 9 tips you can use to make sure you have a super email newsletter.

What skydiving can teach us about online marketing

When marketing yourself or your organization online, one of your goals should be to build up trust with others. After all, people do business with those they know, like, trust, and value. But how can you do that online?

3 social media tracking essentials

When social media first came onto the scene, there was little effort put into tracking how effective it was. While it’s still all about relationships, now there are plenty of metrics that you can measure. Ready to get started tracking your social media efforts? Here are three things you should consider tracking and work on improving.

Google Analytics blogging tips

Blogging on your website is great for proving your expertise, driving traffic to your website, and generally just making prospects comfortable with you before they contact you for the first time. But could you be making more use of your blog by looking at your analytics?

3 website redesign tips

Individuals who are in charge of marketing for their business or nonprofit frequently approach me for advice when redesigning their website. They have had a site for years, but decided for various reasons the time is right to start over again. The question I get time and time again is, “What should I consider when redesigning my website?”

WordPress website management tips

Websites are easier to run on your own than they ever have been before, with content management systems like WordPress. However, with that ease of use, it’s also easy to neglect the basic maintenance. And what you don’t know about managing your website can hurt you! Here are six tips for managing your WordPress website on an ongoing basis.