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Sound familiar? This is a common issue our clients have before their first meeting with us here at T&S Web Design. Luckily, we have some fantastically creative designers who will know exactly how to beef up your new website. Of course, the pretty websites wouldn’t function without our super talented programmers. In some ways, it […]

T&S has a new logo. Woo hoo! Maybe I’m a little nostalgic, but I love looking back and seeing the company’s progress over the years. I started working at T&S in 2007 while I was still in school, and the logo was the very first thing I updated for T&S’ identity. So, you could say […]

Dry your eyes! T&S is here to save the day! How you ask? With the power of FMUD! Yes, that’s right! With the power of FixMyUglyDesign.com, you too can surround yourself with good design! Have you ever looked at someone’s business card and not wanted to do business with them because it was just that […]

“I could have designed that.” Sound familiar? I still find myself guilty of this phrase, even as a designer. When I see a sleek, simple logo design, it’s hard to appreciate the extensive process that occurred before the finished product. Sure I could have traced the graphic, found the correct font and duplicated the colors, […]

It’s easy to think that design is design and that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the types of design. For the most part this is true. There are definitely fundamental principles that translate across genres. Principles like the golden ratio and the rule of thirds and all of that good stuff. (If […]

We recently had one of our designers create a table design for a client with alternating column colors. Instead of laughing at her and not coding it, we instead decided to use a little jQuery goodness to get it taken care of. We included the following code in our document’s head, using the Google jQuery […]

Case in point. Web is better than print. Okay, not all the time, but when you find a mistake 10 weeks down the road, website has been launched, and it’s been through the hands of at least half a dozen people, thousands of dollars aren’t poured into correcting the piddly error. We might suffer a […]

Hey, I’m Elyssa Dolinger, a recent T&S designer hire (Yeah! Helping to even out our designer/programmer ratio.) and I believe strongly in the power of information design. Print design theory can really help in classing up a web page. More importantly, print designers are used to working with a lot of content. A lot of […]

A couple years back, Stanford performed a large study to determine how people evaluate a website’s credibility. Take a look below and see different factors influence your website visitors. Percent (of 2,440 comments) Comment Topics (addressing specific credibility issue) 1. 46.1% Design Look 2. 28.5% Information Design/Structure 3. 25.1% Information Focus 4. 15.5% Company Motive […]

We’ve just launched a redesign of one of our long-time clients, Nstyle Fashion Xchange. They first signed up way back when I was doing all the design work. We’d tweaked their design a couple of times since then, but this is the first time they’ve had a complete make-over. Compare this to my original design […]