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How to make your background image as big as possible

Hey, everyone! Time for a technical tip for those tweaking their website on their own. If that’s not you, feel free to skip this blog. One cool way to use photography on your site is to have a photo set as the background image on your home page, and have it take up the whole…

Tip for IE6 fixes in Dreamweaver

If you’re a Dreamweaver user and you try to make sure your sites work in Internet Explorer 6, this tip is for you. When using Dreamweaver templates, one of the things that Dreamweaver does well is automatically correct paths for you. This is extremely helpful, because you don’t have to worry about what directory you’re…

Improve Content Absorption

Hey, I’m Elyssa Dolinger, a recent T&S designer hire (Yeah! Helping to even out our designer/programmer ratio.) and I believe strongly in the power of information design. Print design theory can really help in classing up a web page. More importantly, print designers are used to working with a lot of content. A lot of…

Facebook’s latest feature

September 22, 2009 by

Facebook’s latest feature

Facebook just added a new feature where you can link to other people in comments. See how this works, and where it doesn’t work.

Display the top level category in WordPress

The is just a quick WordPress code snippet for those WordPress programmers or code dabblers out there. Recently we needed a page in WordPress to display the top parent page title rather than the current page’s title as the heading on the page. Here’s the code we used to accomplish that: <? $currPost = $post;…

Manipulating WordPress strings that print directly

Disclosure: This post is for tech-inclined WordPress users, who like to code, or even do it out of necessity. If that doesn’t interest you at all, or you have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to ignore this post. We’re big fans of WordPress around here. Unfortunately, many of WordPress’s functions directly print…

Send large files easily

Often we have clients who have problems sending large files or a lot of files in one email, because of limitations their internet provider (not T&S) has put on how big attachments can be. To those clients we recommend YouSendIt. Although we don’t really use it ourselves, we’ve had clients use it and love it….

Getting LinkedIn recommendations

Are you wanting to get more (or any) recommendations on your LinkedIn account? Here’s how… Add contacts for the places you’ve worked at in the past. As many as you can find who would even remotely recognize your name. Once they’ve approved, go through that list of contacts and recommend everyone you feel comfortable recommending….

Labels in OSX Make Life Easier

When dealing with hundreds of different clients who have different websites, designs, logos, documents, pictures, worksheets, etc. things must be organized. I have found that an excellent way to organize files via Finder is to use the colorful labels. Yes the labels are pretty and colorful, but they can be used to organize things beyond…

Rounded Corners vs. Rounded Corners in Fireworks

When designing a site in Fireworks, I have found that working with rounded corners can be a bit tricky if you don’t know some specifics. First off, there are two main ways to make rounded corners, the rectangle tool, and the rounded rectangle tool. When using the rectangle tool, you can round the corners by…