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Every day my email inbox is crammed full of meaningless emails trying to sell me something. So many of them want me to read their lengthy newsletters and blogs yet it would take a week of vacation just to read some of them. Very few companies send content that would benefit my company. That is why I personally took the time to sign up for the newsletters and blogs from the team at T&S.

Each newsletter is focused on the latest trends, educational, and contains hot topics that would benefit any business' online presence.

Michael Morrison
Founder & CEO, COMTECH

T&S’s newsletter has provided tips and thought-provoking ideas for our office to consider when creating marketing pieces and utilizing social media channels to promote our services to various generations and target markets. We are more informed about the latest changes and additional online marketing opportunities to pursue by reading their newsletter and blog posts.

Also, it’s actually a requirement for our Student Administrative and Marketing Assistants to read all of the blogs to help them understand that social media management for organizations and promotional purposes is completely different from personal use.

We will continue to refer to T&S for their expertise and encourage our friends and colleagues to do the same.

Dawna Terrell
Assistant Director, Career Services, University of Central Oklahoma

I look forward to the T&S newsletters. They are always on a relevant subject regarding social media or business development and always a great read.

As a business owner sometimes I feel like I have everything covered. But when I receive the newsletter, I often find out I was wrong, due to the plethora of info and tips it provides. This is a great resource for anyone, especially small business owners.

Addison Gardner
Owner, Gardner Insurance Group