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If you’re a Dreamweaver user and you try to make sure your sites work in Internet Explorer 6, this tip is for you. When using Dreamweaver templates, one of the things that Dreamweaver does well is automatically correct paths for you. This is extremely helpful, because you don’t have to worry about what directory you’re […]

Drop down menus are one of the most useful tools in a website. They can make a big site very easy to navigate through. However, for the web developer they can seem like such a daunting task. This short tutorial can help anyone get started with a simple drop down. The drop down will work […]

There is a way to get elements in IE6 to have a min-height and a min-width. However, both require hacks that isolate IE6 from other browsers. We’ll start with the easy one. Min-height can be achieved in IE6 by using a conditional HTML comment and the height CSS property. It turns out that Microsoft decided […]