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When you’re working with a web designer or trying to do things on your own, there might be some confusion about all the different file types you see for images. It’s understandable, there are a ton of different image file types.

I’m here to take the mystery away and give you some easy guidelines for knowing which file types to use when. Hopefully it will make your conversations with web designers and the work you do on your own a little less stressful.

Twitter Header Images

A couple of days ago Twitter rolled out several new changes that will make branding your Twitter page easier and more fun. Following the lead of major social networks such as Facebook and Google+, Twitter has implemented some great new options that allow for more branding opportunities. Header Images The largest change is the addition […]

When it comes to designing webpages I prefer working in Fireworks. I know, I know. There seems to exist a real prejudice against Fireworks. Sort of like you’re not a real designer if you use it. I challenge any web designer to give Fireworks the old college try. Making the switch to Fireworks was the […]

The Fireworks Advantage

January 22, 2009 by

Fireworks is often overlooked. Many (most) web designers today use Photoshop to design their websites, and a lot of them have never considered or (*gasp) even heard of Fireworks. Adobe Fireworks is made for creating websites. That is what it was built for, and it does it well. Fireworks enables you to rapidly prototype and […]

Free Photoshop brushes

September 23, 2008 by

A great way to shortcut some ideas or at least get a design started, is by looking at some custom photoshop brushes. There are thousands, if not more of bushes out there customized in tons of ways. For instance, I found two amazing brush sets from Smashing Magazine that are freebies. Check them out: These […]

So as an aspiring designer in the digital world, I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about the programs I use to design, mainly Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. Personally, I got my footing through school, and then started reading books and looking at tutorials online. All of these have helped me gain […]

Ever have to do a simple task such as put a watermark on a picture? This can easily be done in Adobe Photoshop by inserting your image or text that you want to be your watermark over the original image and setting the transparency to whatever you wish. Now one image is simple and easy, […]

Animated Favicon

July 14, 2008 by

As Tim stated previously, incorporating a favicon with your site can reinforce branding for your business. At T&S, we wanted to take it a step further by adding an animated favicon. I created ours in Photoshop, saved it as a .gif, and renamed it as favicon.ico. Here is a website that will guide you in […]